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Viral Internet Sensation and Renowned Urban Survival Training Expert, Commander Dale Brown, Pre-Releases Survival Book

DETRIOT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2022 / — Commander Dale C. Brown’s book Detroit Urban Survival Chronicles shares in-depth stories with their unique approach – The Preventive Threat Management System for surviving and protecting others against domestic violence, abuse, robbery, dangerous criminals and gangs.

Commander Dale C. Brown is a renowned urban survival training expert, viral internet sensation, and the founder of DUST (Detroit Urban Survival Training) and founder and director of operations of The Detroit Threat Management Center and has been protecting and teaching people how to protect themselves since 1995. His new book Detroit Urban Survival Chronicles: Protection Survivor Stories of Domestic Abuse, Theft, Robbery, and Violence is now available for pre-sales.

The book Detroit Urban Survival Chronicles narrates the firsthand accounts of protection survivor stories of violence and the systems used for counteracting them. The stories took place in Detroit, Michigan. According to the FBI, it is one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the USA.

Commander Brown saw the need for change in his inner-city Eastside community, known as “Crack Ally.” Rather than complain about the need for change, he became the agent of change, choosing to protect the community as his form of protesting the carnage in his community. I have achieved this by developing a self-sustaining survival and protection program that would continue to protect families from dangerous criminals and gangs in Detroit and surrounding communities.

With the tactics they applied with volunteers in the community they were able to decrease 911 calls from 300 to 30 calls, according to the 7th precinct. This resulted in a total stop to home invasions and neighborhood murders and increased business and rental profits for the first time in 20 years in Commander Brown’s east side neighborhood.

For saving innocent civilians, Commander Brown follows a unique approach to tactical law, psychology, and skill. This approach is known as the Preventive Threat Management System.

According to Commander Brown, “By following this tactical approach, innocent civilians can protect themselves.”

Commander Brown’s expertise has drawn praises from celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Michael Dyson, Jon Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige, DJ Khaled, Odel Beckman Jr., 2 Chains, Chainsmokers, Rick Ross, Snoop Dog and Joaquin Buckley. He’s also caught the attention of media outlets and TV personalities, including XXL Mag, SNL, FOX News, Detroit Free Press, TMZ, CNN, HOB VICE, Rock Newman, and Adam22.

Commander Brown is going to share with the world, via Tedx Talk, 27 years of empirical results derived from altruistic heuristics that are the foundation of a global Preventive Threat Management paradigm shift for the preservation of life.

The foundation of Commander Brown’s paradigm shift is the anti-kill philosophy which states that we must always seek to preserve ALL life under all conditions. Violence is the enemy of humanity, figuratively and literally. Ignorance is the foundation of violence.

Protection is the highest form of love, and people will protect what they love!

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About Detroit Urban Survival Chronicles:

Do you want to know how protection and public safety can be done safely?
In this book, you are going to find firsthand accounts of protection survivor stories of violence… and the systems used to counteract them.
These stories take place in Detroit, Michigan, one of the most dangerous and most violent cities in America, according to the FBI.
It started with one man, one dog, and a rifle… and the survival training system he created.
From one man’s vision to change his community from a violent, dystopian world to a positive, safe neighborhood that protects ALL its people, a ray of hope emerged.

Dale & Mirela Brown
The Detroit Threat Management Center
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